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Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer

questions to ask attorneyWhen you are considering hiring a personal injury lawyer in Marietta GA, it is important to take the opportunity to schedule a consultation to discuss your case before you make your final choice.  This is significant because your case is likely a very emotional one that has had a considerable impact on your life.  For that reason, you need to know that the PI attorney you hire will understand your situation, will deal with it in a way that you find appropriate, and that you will be able to establish a certain rapport with him or her.

Indeed, it isn’t necessary for you to become friends with this person, but the nature of this type of case makes a certain level of comfortable communication vital to your success. After all, less than half of all tort law (the official term for the area of law in which personal injury falls) cases are won by the plaintiff.  As the odds are in favor of the defendant, you need to make sure that you have the best possible attorney on your side.

Questions Pertaining to the Lawyer and Law Firm

The consultation with a personal injury lawyer will give you the chance to ask questions and to better understand the legal process into which you are entering.  Among the questions that you may want to consider asking – to be sure that this is the right professional for your legal needs – are the following:

  • What is your role within your firm?
  • Will you be handling my case, or will another lawyer from this firm handle it, instead?
  • How long have you been in practice and how long have you been with this firm?
  • Is your main focus personal injury cases?
  • What types of personal injury cases have you previously filed?
  • Are you experienced in the type of case that I will be filing?
  • What are your service fees and how do you charge them?
  • How will I be charged if I do not receive compensation for my injuries?
  • What percentage (and how many) of your cases involve a jury trial? (Note: This is key because if your case might involve a jury, you don’t want a light weight attorney handling it. The defendant’s lawyer will almost always have lots of jury trial experience.)

It is very important for you to make sure that your Marietta Georgia personal injury lawyer is highly experienced in your precise type of case.  This is because there is a wide range of different forms of personal injury law.

Questions Pertaining to Your Potential Case

You may wish to take advantage of the time you have in the consultation to ask a few questions about your own specific case.  These can include the following:

  • What form of personal injury case do I have?
  • What information will you need from me in order to be able to file my claim?
  • How long should the case take to settle?
  • What is the legal process?
  • How long do I have to file the claim for my case?

As the personal injury lawyer answers your questions, you should start to be able to develop a good feeling as to whether or not he or she will be the right professional for filing and handling your case.